The Credo that Guides our Thinking & Actions

Our mission statement defines our corporate and brand identity. It describes the purpose and objective of our activities. At the core of everything we do stands our claim to create added value for our clients.

We are a leading competence centre for professional interior cleaning technology users.

We provide our clients with the correct cleaning methods to maximise their cleaning productivity and optimise well-being for the end users of the cleaned spaces. We specifically focus on maintaining the value of cleaned materials.

Our clients create cleanliness and hygiene with the least possible resource utilisation. Our premium quality range consists of cleaning machines, chemical cleaning products, consumables, equipment, and a comprehensive range of services. We optimise cleaning processes and the use of cleaning technology by way of customised client advice and tailor-made training courses to convey valuable practical know-how.

We furthermore support our clients in the streamlining of their own complementary processes during and after cleaning, allowing them to achieve even more productivity. The corresponding products and services round off our comprehensive range of offers.

Every one of our employees contributes to our unique range of offers, investing their own passion and personal strengths. All these efforts set us apart and allow us to offer significant added value to our clients.

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