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Knowledge transfer à la carte: Our training concept

The Wetrok Academy is Wetrok's training and further education center. A wide range of courses ensures that "cleaners" can develop into accomplished cleaning professionals. The training concept includes 18 courses that take place in the Wetrok training facilities in Kloten. It covers everything from beginners' courses to leadership and management courses.

The courses are consistently geared to practice and have a modular structure. This means that the courses can be combined with each other as desired. This allows you to pick and choose the courses that will help you advance professionally. The basic cleaning knowledge forms the foundation - building on this, we impart specialist and management knowledge.

The highest diploma that cleaners can obtain at Wetrok is the Wetrok Master's Diploma.

Basic knowledge – fit for daily cleaning tasks

The beginner courses introduce prospective professional cleaners to the methods of modern cleaning. They create a solid basis, for targeted further training in special cleaning disciplines and specialist areas.

Professional knowledge – top marks in all cleaning disciplines

The courses in the professional knowledge training module convey the specific knowledge needed to give cleaning personnel the wherewithal to become specialists in key areas of contemporary cleaning methods and their applications. The available courses cover two focus areas: On the one hand there are courses focussing on methods and systems that are specific to a particular type of room, such as sanitary or office cleaning. The second set of courses deals in particular with issues that are specific to different types of floor coverings. All courses from our professional knowledge training block build upon the content of the basic course ‘contemporary cleaning practices’ (MRP).

Specialist knowledge – leading the way in specialist cleaning areas

The courses in the specialist knowledge training module convey important knowledge and know-how in the areas of health and ergonomics. Strict hygiene requirements in highly sensitive areas are not the only thing relevant to health. Ergonomic behaviour when carrying out work tasks is just as crucial.

Leadership skills – motivated staff is more efficient

Leadership and social competence are key factors for successful teamwork. These courses provide future managerial personnel with the know-how required to plan cleaning concepts, motivate staff and handle delicate interpersonal situations with confidence.

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